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Day 200

200 = 3+3

200 days of racing and there are only 3 sailors left in the quest for the GGR trophy and 3 in Chichester Class with around a month to go to Les Sables d’Olonne for the top 3. Ian, who spent the night heaving to before landing on an unknown coastline, now has a plan, a destination, and a local team to help him with the process and repairs. In Argentina, as in all the places where GGR sailors had to stop, the solidarity of seafarers is not an empty word.

Champagne this weekend in the South Atlantic: Jeremy (CH), 180 miles from 40°S, is out of the gale and will be stuck right in the middle of a high pressure later this evening, but for him, the exit from the Southern Oceans is this weekend! Michael at 25°S has just cut his own wake, and is still looking for the SE trade winds. Luckily, it is the wind that will find him during the weekend and propel him into the trade winds.

Up front Kirsten is doing a great job in the light winds, pulling 60-90 miles a day from Minnehaha. The weekend will be difficult with blue skies and no wind, but she is only 100 miles from the equator! Abhilash, who saw Fernando de Noronha yesterday, is in a slight breeze that should bring Bayanat closer to Minnehaha (250 miles this morning) over the weekend. Simon (CH) will enter the doldrums tomorrow, but is still eating up the gap to the leaders: 330 nm from Kirsten and 80 from Abhilash!


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