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Day 198

Code Orange at the Horn

Ian struggled for days in what he describes as biblical conditions. In winds gusting up to 60 knots and big, breaking seas in which his windvane could not properly work. Just as the conditions were starting to improve, Ian called to report an issue with his Hydrovane and requested for Code Orange to be implemented. He did not request assistance and is looking for a solution.

Puffin is not in a critical situation, currently sheltering behind the Diego Ramirez Islands. Up front, Jeremy (CH) is sailing downwind 300 miles from his 40°S exit and posts the best 24 hour distance of the week at 164 miles, with a 40-55 knot gale expected tomorrow. Michael, in fresh wind, beat this week’s best 4 hour average speed while entering the horse latitudes: 7.4 knots!

Kirsten, first in the doldrums, is on a thread, as the whole fleet is eating miles on her today. She seems to no longer receive forecasts from Peter, or weather faxes, and has the same weather information as Abhilash. Bayanat, back to a 300 miles gap, will take advantage of a light downwind for another 24 hours which will allow him to further reduce the gap. Simon (CH) is still in the trade winds, lining up days at 150 miles, he is now 100 miles from Abhilash and 400 from Kirsten!

UPDATE – Ian Herbert-Jones

Puffin rang at 1810UTC to advise that his drogue warp had been wrapping around the Hydrovane rudder while going slow, causing the initial damage and eventually it snapped the rudder blade in half. He is now hand steering at 4.5kts toward Cape Horn 47 miles to the north east. He cannot use his emergency autopilot, as it drives through the Hydrovane rudder. He may take anchorage at Cape Horn but the destination is Puerto Williams or Ushuaia approx. 160 miles away. He has opened his safety GPS and is able to use his sat phone to co-ordinate his safe passage to refuge with his manager in the UK to make the necessary arrangements. He is now officially in Chichester Class.


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