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Day 197

Spring day

It’s spring in the northern hemisphere this morning but clearly not at 48S° where Jeremy (CH) is in 30-40 knots of wind this morning, and even less so at 56S° where Ian is expecting 35-50 knots of wind and 6-7 metre seas in the afternoon. The Tradewind 35 was knocked down twice in the previous gale but no damage was done, although the batteries are quite low on power. He hoisted her mainsail to 3rd reef and is sailing under storm jib, less than 180 miles from Cape Horn.

In the Atlantic disco, it’s two dancefloors, two atmospheres. To the south of the high, Michael is now sailing in the NW, which will shift to the SW overnight but should accompany him for a few days. The Biscay has picked up a good pace at over 100 miles/day. Despite the unstable winds, there is a real possibility for Nuri to cross the ridge of the high pressure without too much delay this week, but this scenario too remains uncertain. Fingers crossed.

North of the high, the eastern trade winds are established, and all have been posting big average distances over 140 miles/day, but the respite will be short-lived. At the latitude of Natal, Kirsten is the first to enter the doldrums now parking, soon after to be followed by Abhilash at Recife’s. Kirsten’s position to the east seems, on paper, to favour a faster crossing, but who will risk making predictions? The only sure things is that Simon (CH) will take advantage of both in front stopping to get even closer to the pack before entering himself in the doldrums.


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