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Day 193


Ian, 600 miles from Cape Horn will be in medium winds today, before a low pressure goes through overnight. Sailing a tighter course, and pushing the pace up to 120 miles daily (5 knots) he is significantly reducing his ETA; spring day? Jeremy (CH) is in strong westerly conditions (30-40 knots) which will turn SW in the evening to push him towards Port Stanley less than 200 miles away.

Michael, at the latitude of Montevideo, is still heading north trying to exit the high pressure that has been hugging him for days. At 90 miles daily he is making good progress but he is not out of the woods yet, with very unstable weather in his area. The high pressure will extend and move north tomorrow and the day after. The weekend is going to be a bit long, but hot, dry and flat.

Up front, Kirsten is back in top form! She clocks the fleet’s best 24-hour distance at 140 miles and is putting distance with all the competitors. Nothing is set in stone yet, but her position is favourable. Simon (CH) and Abhilash will get a brief return of the wind from the SE in the evening, while tomorrow and especially Sunday, it will be back from the east favouring Kirsten first and longer. With the doldrums 500 miles away, next week will be a nailbiter!


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