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Day 190

Ignorance is bliss?

Jeremy, less than 100 miles from the Horn is in easy weather but will spend the day in a merry-go-round. Currently in a NW flow he will be upwind in the SE for lunch, south at tea time before some west for dinner going stronger at NW to push him out of the Pacific! Ian under staysail only is doing well in the steady wind and is working on his windvane and mainsail. We didn’t say it was going to be easy!

In the Atlantic, Michael is progressing at a good pace, but towards the centre of the high, while Simon and Abhilash are trucking downwind: 130 miles for Bayanat and 165 for Clara. Both are gulping miles on Minnehaha, working hard for those 60 miles daily. Simon, with almost 1,000 miles covered in a week is making a phenomenal comeback on the leaders.

Kirsten, upwind north of the 20th parallel, thinks she is lagging behind Abhilash who is in fact 350 miles behind her. She is therefore fighting to get back in touch with him while sparing her equipment and damaged bowsprit, which is not a bad strategy for a leader. She is not far from crossing this ridge of high pressure where Abhilash will park in 2 to 3 days. The wind will stabilise north of the 20° parallel only next week. Until then it’s hunting season.


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