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Day 19

It was the talk of yesterday and she did it: Kirsten Neuschäfer finally took the 4th place from Abhilash Tomy after several days this week around 170 miles, or an average of 7 knots! In their duel, she and Abhilash have also closed the gap on Pat Lawless, 3rd, by 40 miles, while the other flying South African, Jeremy Bagshaw made a 25 mile gap on the mid-fleet pack.

Michael Guggenburger seems to have found his rhythm over the last few days, his ketch-rigged Biscay 36 slightly faster than Guy’s Tradewind and Ertan’s Rustler. To the west, everything is going well for Simon and Tapio, who have settled to the west of the low-pressure system which is now moving northwards towards the Canaries.

Behind, Elliott is following the southern option with a day delay on the mid-fleet pack, which he should further close as they will be upwind soon, while he will still be downwind. Ian who chose a westerly route away from the African coast, has gybed today moving closer to the southerly route, and Damien who went through the gate yesterday has put on the turbo at over 7 knots with a nice flowing track to the west.

In the Canaries, Captain Coconut landed in Marina Rubicon in the morning and announced his withdrawal from the 2022 edition. He had completed his 2018 tour in the spring after setting off again in December 2022, and has spent a lot of time preparing for this race. His interview and explanation is available on the GGR website.  Frenchman Arnaud Gaist, less than 100 miles from the photo gate, has resumed his 120 mile/day pace and is expected to arrive early tomorrow.

In the Canaries, the GGR team is expecting Captain Coconut in the morning, and Frenchman Arnaud Gaist less than 100 miles from the photo gate who has picked up his pace at 120 miles/day and should arrive at sunrise tomorrow.


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