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Day 186

Big weekend ahead

In the Pacific, Ian isn’t slowed down too much by his torn mainsail, and Jeremy has resumed his course towards Cape Horn after the front yesterday. At 600 miles from the rock, he is a little further east than he would like but keeps a good distance to the Chilean coastline: 250 miles, or 5 times more than Abhilash at the same latitude! Unlike his Atlantic mates, he can count on accurate weather information.

In the Atlantic, they are in the dark weather wise, with no information or fax. Michael, 100 miles from the roaring 40s exit, has resumed his route but will be stuck again tomorrow in the middle of a high pressure on his way. Simon, the fastest this morning, has managed a complicated transition and should be downwind all weekend, catching up with the leaders, now only 500 miles from Abhilash.

Up front they are tinkering as much as they are sailing with over 24,000 miles covered non-stop, and Kirsten, who ignores she’s in the lead, has to sail with a damaged bowsprit. On the other hand, it’s payday for Minnahaha this morning, sailing North when Abhilash has decided to tack in weak winds. Windless is the weekend plan with a wide ‘blue’ zone building on Saturday afternoon along the 20th parallel right on their path, with a (very) small chance for Kirsten to get through. Exciting times.


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