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Day 183


After days of placid stagnation for one, and ingenuous repairs (again) for the other, Kirsten and Abhilash have finally resumed their route through to a fragile wind, but at last they are on the move! Kirsten at 31°S has just crossed her own wake, the same one that led her to Cape Town at the end of October, in 5th position behind Simon, Tapio, Abhilash and Pat. Not yet a trip around the world but one around oneself for sure!

Further down at 42°S Simon is still the fleet’s fastest, in cruising mode he says. Being 10° from Abhilash and 11° from Kirsten, or 600 and 660 miles south of the race leaders, he is making an epic comeback in the Atlantic reminiscent of Damien’s glory days on PRB. Most importantly, he is now out of the bad weather and the 200 mile gap on Michael will make a big difference tonight, when the NW gale will give way to a flat calm between them both.

The Pacific isn’t so pacified, but Ian won’t complain. Puffin, stuck north of the no-go zone for a month has finally gone south of the 47th parallel, in a straight line towards the Horn finally in sight. It’s the calm before the proverbial storm for Jeremy (and the Race Office) now out of the NW front in cross seas. He’s expecting the next low tomorrow until Friday, and a last one for the road on Sunday for a planned Horn rounding on Monday! 


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