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Day 179

Bis repetita

We’re entering the sixth month of racing tomorrow and the remaining 6 sailors of a fleet of 16 are starting to feel the pinch today, with the weather conspiring today to slow them down a little more.

Starting with the Pacific, which offers a rerun of the ‘groundhog day’ to Ian. The Briton will spend a full day becalmed, before moving upwind in 15-20 knots of SE… exactly like yesterday! He will find SW winds on Saturday afternoon, but even with 250 miles to the no-go zone limit, we don’t dare predict an exit date anymore. Same scenario for Jeremy 850 miles away – he will live today through the same calms as Ian yesterday, and like him will find the SW tomorrow, for a few more surfs on Olleanna.

The two Biscays are finally out of the screaming 50s, but it doesn’t look like it. They’ve been in a 25 to 35 knots northern front all night and are heading NW at a good speed: 125 nm for Michael and 150 for Simon. The former GGR leader is extending the gap to 130 miles over Cpt Gugg, and with the wind rotation to the west, will be further closing the gap on the leaders at least until Monday. It doesn’t mean much in the rankings, but it surely is something to look forward to, innit?

The deal of the day is definitely for Abhilash who covered 130 miles this morning, compared to Kirsten’s 40. He will of course hit the same wall and stop around midday, but they are now both at the same latitude: 35° south. Worse for the GGR leader, the wind will be coming back from the west, benefiting solely Abhilash who will probably start the next week in a position further north than his competitor.


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