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Day 176

Big week ahead

The tracker is playing up again today but the positions are exact, enough to see that at 39°S Kirsten is finally out of the roaring 40s! She is getting the back of the low-pressure train today but will experience more calm in the centre of the high pressure tomorrow. Abhilash, who is less than 2 degrees to her south (120 miles) and 550 miles to her west, is well positioned and will have wind longer as the system moves east. The race really is on for those two!

Behind them, on their way to the Falklands Simon and Michael will have some southern conditions all week. Yesterday they caught the end of a gale (30 knots, gusting to 40) and are waiting for a northern front in the afternoon before a long, westerly gale tonight, and all day tomorrow with varying intensity. The gap between the two Biscay 36 is stable at 60 miles but for them both it is still the south!

In the Pacific, Jeremy is continuing his run towards the Horn at nearly 49° South. As expected, he built a 700-miles over Ian in the exclusion zone, currently sailing in a steady WNW flow. For the Briton it’s still purgatory, he’s still taking and gybing along the zone in winds of unstable strength and direction. Alas, he will be upwind again in 25 knots tonight before being becalmed again the day after tomorrow. Courage and patience, Ian.


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