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Day 172

King of the Road

The best move this morning is Simon’s, who has been true to form since departing Les Sables d’Olonne, optimising his route, always covering the fewest possible miles. He changed his course to the east earlier, shortening his passage to the Horn and also the distance between Clara and Nuri, while posting 124 miles/day to gain another 30 miles on Michael. Even if they are no longer in the same class, the passage to the Horn for both Biscay this Sunday and the battle of the Atlantic between those two promises to be exciting!

Close to Point Nemo, Jeremy is rushing towards the no-go zone exit at 46°31S and chasing the remnants of downwind flow at the very south, while Ian, out of patience, will still be suffering in the calms all day. Jeremy and Olleanna will find a very fresh northerly, 30 knots gusting to 45 that will cross their route tonight. They are 270 miles from the exit and are doing 130 to 135 miles a day.

In the Atlantic, it is Abhilash this morning who puts in the best performance of the day under the snow with 159 miles to Kirsten’s 135. The 10% are there this morning, especially now that the two leaders are on the same WNW course at 60. Kirsten will get caught tonight by the high pressure to her west and will be stuck for a few hours, giving Abhilash the opportunity to get back under the 600 mile gap.


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