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Day 169

A hard day’s night

In the Atlantic, they’re back on track towards Les Sables d’Olonnes! On the beam in a north westerly flow for Kirsten who now has to negotiate the St Helena high and for Abhilash 100 miles from the Falklands. Both are accelerating at 144 and 116 nm/day respectively.

In the South East Pacific it is showtime for Simon and Gugg as they embark on a busy week. Simon took advantage of the wind rotation to the west to get away from the continental shelf and keep a manageable sea. Michael will not escape the steep low pressure, both are receiving weather information from Peter Mott and the race HQ to position themselves as best as possible.

Along the exclusion zone, Ian and Jeremy are still in a southerly flow and being pushed to the north, 45°S for the South African and 44°S for the Brit, exactly at the edge of the high pressure that will extend eastwards tomorrow! Olleanna continues to extend her lead to nearly 500 miles this morning but both are struggling to make the exit.


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