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Day 165

On the move, and in the groove!

The fleet is back on the move, after holding our breath for Abhilash, windward of the Chilean coastline and Simon in a forced stop in Low Bay. The former got away from the lee shore yesterday thanks to the NW rotation and a long tack south, the latter will set sail this morning! The tacking along the coast will be painful for the Briton, until reaching the Peninsula de los Tres Montes, 180 miles south of his position where the wind changes for the better.

Kirsten, following her original plan to leave Staten Island and the Falklands to port, has slowed down the pace last night, to 133 miles/24 hours after having sailed 186 miles in 24 hours the day before yesterday: 7.75 knots on average. She is less than 200 miles from Port Stanley and the winds will be unstable in strength and direction until Sunday.

Behind, the boys are piling up mileage in the powerful north westerly flow that Ian, Jeremy and Michael share, 2,500 miles apart. The Austrian has covered 150 miles and is less than 1,000 miles from the Horn. He and Ian have a water issue which they hope to solve in Tierra de Fuego where rainfall is plentiful. Jeremy is making the most of the great sailing conditions and set the fleet’s best 24-hour distance this morning at 151 miles!


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