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Day 164

First through the Horn!

Kirsten rounded Cape Horn during the night in first place, slaloming through the squalls, manoeuvring to get the right weather canvas, all in the freezing cold, but the sight of the legendary rock put a smile on her face: “I’m enjoying it here, in my element”. Not having the tide information, she decided to leave Staten Island and later the Falklands on her port side.

Abhilash struggled through most of the night to stay clear of the Chilean coast with no windvane. The continental shelf built quite big seas but the steady decrease in wind during the night allowed him to hold the course. Now out of danger, he still has to solve his wind vane issue, either on his own to continue defending his second place, or with assistance and continue in Chichester Class.

Behind them, it’s a steady NW wind for almost everyone: Michael, who is going down with the low towards Cape Horn, but also Jeremy and Ian, now less than 1200 and 1600 miles to the end of the exclusion zone. All will have wind until the end of the week. The notable exception is Simon who had bad luck on his way out of Chile and will have to wait for the wind to drop tomorrow before he can venture out.


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