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Day 162

Lonely Valentine

Simon is anchored at Puerto Low in the bay north of Isla Gaiteca. He moored yesterday at 2300 UTC and will wait for conditions that will allow him a safe route far enough from the Chilean coast towards Cape Horn 1000 miles away. He can still join Michael on the other Biscay 36 who gybed overnight to get back on course.

Ahead of him, Abhilash has put the turbo back on after putting his Rustler back in order, and is making up distance on Kirsten who is only 250 miles from Cape Horn, less than 2 days away! Both will be hit by a south easterly gale later today which will affect Kirsten more, moving south in anticipation, than Abhilash who will remain on the northern edge of the gale. 

At the back of the fleet, Ian is being chased by a high pressure and is constantly manoeuvring to keep Puffin moving. Jeremy has made good progress, extending his lead but will be caught by the same no wind zone tonight. Guy has left Hobart with a new life raft. Follow his progress here:


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