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Day 156

One down, another one to go

The first low passed over Abhilash and Kirsten. The navigator reported that Bayanat had been knocked down twice, once in the front with a northerly wind and later in the crossed seas with the westerly wind. The only notable damage to the boat is a torn heavy reefed staysail. Kirsten further NW had less severe conditions, her speed suggests that she sailed with less or no canvas, which she will confirm in today’s safety call. 2nd round tomorrow.

Ian has finally joined his mates along the Exclusion Zone and is beginning his 2500 mile journey before the descent to Cape Horn in early March. He and Jeremy are experiencing unstable winds in both strength and direction this week, whilst Michael, still at 130nm/day, is already aiming for the exit corner. Guy, who arrived along the coast of Tasmania in light winds is now only 100 miles from Hobart.

Simon, whose tracker is on 15 minutes, has been helming plenty, alternating sail and engine in a decreasing wind as he approached the Chilean coast. He is making good time because he has a big day ahead of him with three important appointments today: with the authorities, with his team, and with the rising tide which could allow him to enter the Chocoa Channel directly with the current. A big thank you to the Chilean sailors for their help: Gonzalo for the support to the GGR team and Sergio for the provision of his RIB!


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