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Day 151


Guy Waites has finally come out of the foul weather. He has not yet confirmed if he is going to Hobart to pick up a liferaft but his course to 80 seems to confirm it with 600 miles to go. Jeremy has finally passed Bounty after many hard tacks yesterday. Ian has another 100 miles to go, trying to outrun the windless bubble coming at him from the NW.

At the end of the exclusion zone everyone around the same pace, 130 miles/day. Michael has less than 900 miles -or a week- to get out of the exclusion zone as Abhilash and Kirsten swap routes: east for Minnehaha and SE for Bayanat. Minnehaha posted the 2nd best 7-day distance this morning at 1198 miles but there might be an opportunity for Abhilash?

Simon is making good progress towards Puerto Montt with 600 miles to go. He’s not always holding his 45° heading but will have westerly winds all weekend which should help him to get further north. His main objective is to arrive at 45°S before the evening of 7th February to avoid the big low expected that night, in which he will certainly have to steer manually. 


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