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Day 150

Hard Times

Guy, who sails in big seas, lost his life raft when Sagarmatha was knocked down by a wave. He is OK and does not require assistance. The wind will decrease gradually tonight and the sea state will improve tomorrow morning. A Code Orange is in place, MRCC Australia is informed, and the situation is being closely monitored by the Race Office.

Bounty Island is aptly named after the Maori “Moutere Hauriri”, in English “Island of the angry wind”. Jeremy is tacking in a strong northwesterly flow, struggling to get north of the island, and Ian, currently below 48°S, is already 50 miles too far south. Good or bad, tonight the strong headwinds will gradually give way to merciless calms.

The Pacific however is providing manageable downwind conditions to the top three who are now averaging around 150 miles/day. As expected, Kirsten further improves the 7-day distance record to 1216 miles this morning. She and Abhilash will benefit from more downwind conditions all week while Michael needs to escape the high pressure approaching from his west.

Simon has dismantled his windvane in yesterday’s light winds, is struggling to make a direct course to Puerto Montt in today’s NNW, but will have NW wind tomorrow, then W this weekend for a more direct route. His GGR partner Howdens is working to send help and parts to Chile next week for his stopover. 


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