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Day 15

Guy deBoer, whose yacht is stranded on the reef on the north coast of Fuerteventura, has met this morning with a local salvage company to plan the removal of Spirit. The fuel has been pumped out of the boat, which is structurally sound, and dialogue is continuous with the salvage company, local authorities, and Guy’s insurance.

The whole fleet is becalmed around the Canary Islands, pushing through light winds, trying to move in the right direction, testing various options. Ertan, Jeremy and Elliott have opted for the lee shore of Fuerteventura, Tapio, Pat and Abhilash are looking for more pressure along the coast of Africa, and Ian Herbert-Jones will need to make a decision soon!

Pat Lawless is healing a knee infection, and was advised by the race doctors MSOS Direct to stop in Lanzarote and pick-up stronger antibiotics. He decided to continue and defend a hard-earned third place, since external assistance would mean going into Chichester Class. He will reassess the situation when in sight of the Cape Verde archipelago.

Meanwhile Simon Curwen is working on his lucky break away from the fleet, having built a 115-mile advance on his closest competitors, although once again, it is Damien Guillou clocking the most mileage with 120 miles in 24 hours and the only boat over 100 nm, working his way around the west ridge of the light wind zone!


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