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Day 141

Give me some air!

There will be some for everyone! Starting with Guy, on his 4th day in strong conditions, 25-30 knots, 6-metre waves under poled yankee. His quest for the week? 1,000 miles and to gain on Simon. Ian and Jeremy have northerly winds in 20 knots increasing to 30 NW by the end of the day. A 100 miles of each other, they are midway through the Tasman Sea, but Jeremy is pulling away!

Michael, becalmed last week, was dreaming of 40 knots and 8-metre waves, today he gets 30 knots and 7 metres! Even Kirsten and Abhilash are feeling this morning the breeze from the low-pressure system that will stay with them all week. Kirsten feels the need for speed and is gaining on her travel companion 120 miles ahead of her.

Finally, the only one slowing down is Simon, who has decreasing wind but a rather big residual sea preventing him from flying the spinnaker, or sometimes any headsail at all. He will lose ground until mid-week, but that’s not the worst: he is rationing his last book and thinking about the 20 odd ones he left at home!


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