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Day 140

First in/first out

All at sea this week, and Simon Curwen now out of the exclusion zone can chase the long southern ocean swell unrestricted with excellent speed and a very simple course to the finish: Cape Horn on port! 2500 miles to the west, Captain Gugg, now enters the north of the exclusion zone, happy to leave the Tasman Sea behind with another day of strong winds and big swell!

Halfway between the two, it’s back to business as usual for Abhilash and Kirsten who have been very fast all weekend. He keeps his 2nd position, but Kirsten gained 20 miles on Sunday down to 150 miles gap this morning. The big low pressure passing to their south will bring wind and morale for all this week!

Jeremy and Ian had a fairly calm weekend in the Tasman Sea, but the northerly flow will help their progress today. The South African is finally back on the open sea he loves so much, after his forced stopover. Next land in sight for them – Snares or New Zealand. Guy is still extending his stride to the north of the low on the most southern position of the fleet!


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