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Day 137

Friday, best day of the week!

After many frustrating weeks, this Friday offers a very welcome moment of respite for the fleet, starting with Kirsten who is finally picking up wind west of the high pressure and catching up with Abhilash, now stuck in the middle but with warm weather. Simon is chilling behind the front, for fast but a relaxing weekend compared to the week he had in mostly 35 to 45 knots.

Michael, who’s been becalmed for weeks is finally at Bounty Islands and welcoming the rather violent front of a low-pressure system which will also benefit Kirsten and Abhilash throughout the weekend! Ian is still at anchor and has completed his inspection, with no damage to report. Don’t dilly dally Ian, the breeze is coming!

In Chichester Class, Jeremy left Hobart this morning after a diet composed exclusively of steaks and ice cream (and a bit of antifouling), he greeted Ian and will take advantage of the westerly breeze to leave a Tasmanian coast he has seen a bit too long for his taste. Guy 2nd in Chichester is still the fastest this morning, matching Simon’s averages at the front. What a Guy!


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