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Day 136

7 left in the fleet…

Elliott landed in Australia this morning, welcomed by Jason Hands, the Fremantle Sailing Club Marina harbour master. He had crossed his first ocean to come to Les Sables d’Olonne for the GGR start. He now has sailed 14,000 miles solo, for a half non-stop, unassisted circumnavigation and crossed 2 of the 3 great capes, no small feat. Big-up Elliott!

In the Indian ocean, Guy cuts to the shortest route to Hobart at 2300 miles, he is only one to gain ground on Simon and posts the best VMC in the fleet this week! In Hobart, Ian is on DIY day, Jeremy is packing books and teasing those at sea with his shopping list and all the ice cream he gets! 50 miles from Bounty Island, Michael, the Austrian metronome, is impressive with the light wind speed of the Biscay: 90 miles since yesterday!

Up front, Kirsten will be the first to get wind while Abhilash will be stuck all day, an opportunity to finally catch up? In the lead, Simon doesn’t have the same problem, he got sustained 35 knots at the peak of the low pressure and will keep a fairly big residual sea all day, while the wind will drop regularly.


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