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Day 135

And then there were 6!

Ian made the Hobart gate this morning in excellent mood considering the last few days, tacking nowhere in 30 knots, before bobbing around in no wind too close to rocks. He’s two days early on his plan and will get some work done on Puffin as advised by his friend and manager Jade, before heading out toward the last great Cape on his route, looking forward to sail out with Olleanna if possible.

Jeremy cleaned a surprisingly massive amount of barnacles considering the hull was cleaned in South Africa. Elliott is only 50 miles away from landfall with lots of wind, the Fremantle Sailing Club has planned a warm Aussie welcome for him! Guy crossed 90°E and is momentarily slow, he will get the northern ridge of a massive low pressure system tomorrow bringing more speed to his sprint to Hobart.

Simon is finally getting the Southern Ocean conditions he was looking for: big winds, big seas, and a large south westerly swell pushing through, for most of the week. Behind him, the week is less exciting for Kirsten and Abhilash stuck in the middle, between the no-go zone and the high-pressure with slowly dying winds playing with their minds.


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