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Day 131

Comin’ in hot!

As expected it is Ian on Puffin who makes the best move today by catching strong winds from the Westerly front as early as 1230 UTC, which Jeremy will not get until 4 hours later. It may not seem much but Ian is only 60 miles behind Jeremy to Tasman Head, South Bruny Island, at the entrance to Storm Bay. Jeremy has another 110 miles to go and they will both have wind this afternoon for Jeremy’s arrival tomorrow Sunday late morning!

To their West, Elliott is stuck in high pressure 250 miles from Cape Leeuwin, and Guy is also waiting for a high pressure to the North of the Kerguelen islands to gulp and stop him this afternoon. To their east Michael has finally passed Snares which he saw in no wind… All three will be free tomorrow with the return of the wind, and a localised storm for Gugg on Monday!

Up front, Abhilash and Kirsten are both keeping pace with Simon who is halfway through the exclusion zone. They maintain the 950 nm gap, with a slight advantage for the Rustler 36 in these medium conditions, 60 miles ahead of Minnehaha. Tomorrow there will be SW winds for everyone as the high pressure passes to their North, and an additional advantage for Abhilash over Kirsten who benefits from a SE position further from the centre of the bubble.


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