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Day 129


We knew the euphoria would be short-lived for Michael, Kirsten and Abhilash who have slowed down significantly today, but at least are still going, to Snares islands for the Austrian and the Southern Pacific exclusion zone for the pursuers. Simon is living life in the fast lane, the front bringing strong northerly wind, waves and speed, posting a 7 knots average since yesterday!

On the Hobart landing, Jeremy is fighting against the elements, wind shadow SW of the island, water shortages and some persistent barnacles. Morale is hit onboard Olleanna, but not the combative spirit of her skipper, determined to push through! Puffin slowed down but is still reducing the gap, down to less than 300 miles today, Ian will be the first to get fresh wind from the west tomorrow.

Elliott, 500 miles away from Fremantle, enjoys his last days at sea and is waiting for a front later today in an unstable zone between him and his destination. At the back of the fleet, Guy is diving south again, away from the high pressure, he is slower than usual today but on the right side of the high. We’re pretty sure the Briton will make the best use of it!


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