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Day 126

Complex week for the fleet

Guy has finally come back from his southern trip after an incredible week that showed all the potential of Sagarmatha (we already knew the potential of this excellent sailor). He will slow down this week due to weather, but an ETA down to February 9th forces respect! Elliott continues his 100 mile/day pace, showing the how slippery the Gale Force 34 is, although he too will slow down this week in the same barometric swamp all over the Indian Ocean.

The landing on Hobart this week is looking as complex as the weather situation is unstable, with a succession of high and lows, snakes and ladders, that seem to favour Ian, only 500 miles behind Jeremy. The two sailors are threading with a persistent high pressure on their route, it doesn’t look like the Roaring 40s! East of Hobart is similar: the weather in the Tasman sea is very unstable, but Michael will have some wind tonight, thanks to the low in his south.

Abhilash and Kirsten will also have wind this evening, and will finally stop bleeding miles on Simon (800+ miles gap this morning)! The Briton will slow down tomorrow evening, caught up by their windless bubble, before the arrival on Wednesday of a low-pressure system currently forming over NZ. The barographs on board must be dancing.


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