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Day 125

Same same but different?

The Tradewind 35 is again the fastest design this morning, and Guy at 145 nm/24h has joined the  thousand-mile weekly club overnight at 1039 nm, just ahead of Ian on Puffin (1022 nm around Xmas Eve). Guy is running away from the high pressure to his north, in Chichester Class he has no time penalty for sailing in the exclusion zone.

Elliott will take advantage of the northern edge of the low-pressure tonight to pick up some speed towards Australia, and Jeremy’s southern option is still paying off with the high-pressure coming from his west. He is only 400 miles to Hobart. Cpt. Gugg is only 300 nm from Hobart and 550 from the Snares Islands, facing a complicated week for wind.

In the South Pacific, Kirsten and Abhilash have no choice but to endure the high pressure over them for another 24 hours, with the Rustler having a speed advantage in the calms. Simon is back to within 700 miles of his pursuers, a lead he will further improve today in fresh wind and big seas, gaining momentum in his own weather system!


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