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Day 124

The three kings today are not the ones you think…

The Tradewinds are standing out this morning again, with the fleet’s best 24H averages. 118 miles for Ian who received a weather warning for today’s low-pressure, and 148 miles for Guy who is going in the no-go zone, taking the penalty, but improving his 7-day personal best to 991 miles, probably passing the thousand-mile mark tonight.

Elliott is surprisingly fast on his injured Gale Force 34, which has the third-best 24H distance at 107 miles (124 this morning), heading for Australia at 60°, which is now only 900 miles away. Jeremy, less than 500 miles from Hobart, remains very much to the South at 46°S, and will be taking 25 knots NW overnight before being stopped by a high pressure on his path early next week, so we keep with the tradition. 

Gugg dives towards the high pressure, escaping to the SE, but will have a complicated weekend with light, unstable winds, as will Abhilash and Kirsten who are getting caught in a bubble. Abhilash has gained laterally, overtaking Kirsten and coming in second on the water today, but is losing ground on Simon who will continue to extend his lead this weekend with fresh S to SW winds until the Monday blues.


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