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Day 122

Waites, the fastest Guy in the West & Happy Birthday Don!

Guy Waites is doing best speed, breaking his personal best again this morning at 168.7 miles, the best performance of the fleet over the last 7 days, and the best speed over 4 hours with 7.91 knots. Late but happy at sea! Elliott is downwind towards Australia and so has less apparent wind but is still having another day at 100+ miles.

Ian and Jeremy are in the same situation as yesterday with little wind at the edge of the bubble but will be in a low pressure system tonight until Sunday. Both are expected in Tasmania next week, along with a high pressure that should slow them down at the end. Almost a tradition, and the same as Michael, who left this morning to wait for light winds towards New Zealand.

There, Kirsten and Abhilash are being tossed around in 2 to 3 metre cross seas, with no wind, not nice… Ahbilash’s agile Rustler is gaining, now less than 60 miles from the idle Cape George, and will be the first to get southerly winds for the end of the ordeal this evening. Simon has a rough 4-metre sea but some wind, and making 70 miles a day, widening the gap to 500 miles and getting out of the same weather system as the two others!


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