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Day 120

Closing Time

The biggest gains for this year are for Simon and Abhilash at the expense of Kirsten, whose Southern option made the route longer without the speed benefit. The aviator is now within 100 miles of lateral distance with daily distances between 140 and 170 miles. Tomorrow, Simon will have fresh wind on the beam while his pursuers will have to deal with the wind shadow south of South Island.

Gugg arrived in Hobart, after a slow and painful landing, but as a magnificent 4th at the halfway point, sporting a beard worthy of the three kings and in good shape, he has decided to stay on the mooring for a while to rest and wait for favourable winds before the final stretch to Cape Horn.

Behind, Ian continues to claw back miles on Jeremy, at 125 miles/24h this morning, he is the fastest sailor in the Southern Indian Ocean, and has further reduced his gap with the South African to 650 miles. Hobart will be the judge of this long distance duel but a 500 mile gap in New Zealand is not impossible!

At the back of the fleet, Elliott has been through the New Year’s storm on Second Wind, continuing his slow progress towards Australia and Guy is alternating between calm and a breeze. He should finally have consistent weather closer to South Indian standards this week. For a new personal best?


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