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Day 119

We wish you a windy 2023!

The whole fleet is making progress in fresh winds this 2023 January morning, starting with Guy, reaching the exclusion zone at 40°E at 40°S who clocked 120 miles overnight. Elliott gets into the rough part of the storm, which seems to have lowered in intensity, until tomorrow morning. A calmer day will greet them both tomorrow.

Ian and Jeremy have resumed their easterly course and their usual pace of 130 and 100 miles a day, Jeremy is now within 1000 miles of Hobart. Michael is only 30 miles from the gate getting to the entrance of Storm Bay and is finally getting a south-westerly flow pushing him along at 6 knots. He will gybe in the morning for an overnight arrival, in the afternoon for us.

Simon is only 300 miles from the Bounty Islands made famous by the boat of the same name, he dominated the Tasman Sea, keeping (or creating) some wind south of New Zealand. The South African slingshot south of the high didn’t work this time for Kirsten who is losing ground on Simon (330 miles) and is being caught by Abhilash (-20 miles this morning); 150 miles from Snares, she should enter the Pacific tomorrow.


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