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Day 116

Slow progress today

It’s slower than usual for the whole fleet despite commendable efforts from the sailors. Particularly Guy and Elliott who are struggling with areas of high pressure stretching to their west, 50 miles for Guy this morning and 85 for Elliott who is making spectacular averages on his injured boat. Hats off to him.

Ian, out of the exclusion zone, is however sailing a northerly course at 41°S, following his HF radio conversations with Jeremy who at 45°S is experiencing a succession of difficult low pressure systems, and feeding exclusively on the remains of Christmas pudding! Jeremy has now passed Cape Leuuwin, and is making good progress in difficult conditions, expecting another front by New Year’s Eve 34 knots and 44 gusts.

Gugg, also caught up in high pressure, is nevertheless adding another 115 miles to his route this morning. The Austrian is now only 170 miles from Storm Bay, which he should cross on January 1st, and is well placed to join the trio in the Pacific, as his averages in the Indian have been on a par with those of the other Biscay 36: Simon’s.

Simon is reaping the benefits of his light genoa on the shorter route. Caught up in the high pressure he is covering 120 miles this morning, which is also the distance to the Snares Islands! The bubble moving south-eastwards is benefiting Abhilash at the back, posting 123 miles this morning, but not Kirsten, who is on its way. The Indian sailor should close the gap with the South African over the weekend. 


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