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Day 115

Watch out!

Simon is still in the lead, faster on the shortest route to Snares Islands. Today, no one in the fleet is gaining on him! The high pressure forming around Tasmania caught Abhilash, now making slow progress, but not Kirsten, whose southerly trajectory allowed to get around. The bubble going east will quickly show us who took the best option, the direct route or the southern one?

Same scenario on the way to Hobart, where a high pressure forming under Australia will move south tomorrow. Capt. Gugg, could escape to the south or east, if he keeps his average of 140 miles per day, we’ll get the answer tomorrow night! Ian finally reached 100° east, and heads south. He and Jeremy, who spent Christmas in 45 knots, will spend New Year’s Eve in a low-pressure system and winds in excess of 30 knots!

At 71° East, Elliott struggles to make headway, diving south to avoid the bubble which caught him to his north west. Guy at 38°S is making way to the east, but should really go below 40-41°S to also avoid the high pressure that is also catching him from the west. He has 24 hours left to make this move.


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