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Day 114

Who’s the boss ? (it’s Simon)

Abhilash has set sail again at dawn after a night of rest, preparation and a call with his family, with the wind rotation to the west that pushes him at a good pace (6 knots) towards the Tasman Sea. He now is only 460 miles from Simon and 240 miles from Kirsten, who have been through the front unscathed and now in a westerly flow.

Simon, hungry for wind, did not miss the opportunity to score the best distance of the week with 178 nm/24h yesterday and of the day with another 169 this morning!

The other Briton in a hurry this morning is Guy at 39°S, who is still accelerating at 146 miles since yesterday between two lows, waiting for a front later in the day. Elliott is caught up by the bubble and will be slower this week, while Ian is back in the 40s and only a day away from the end of the exclusion zone 130 miles away!

Jeremy and Michael are regularly clocking 100 and 135 miles/day respectively, but are no longer gaining ground on the frontrunners, who are accelerating significantly. Next in Hobart will be Cpt. Gugg on the 1st of January, and the Delta between Jeremy and Ian continues to fall, with only 4 days between them mid Jan! 


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