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Day 113

And then there were three

Abhilash tacked in elusive winds for days to finally cross the gate this morning, 300 miles behind Simon after a 15,000-mile voyage! As he sets off in the Tasman Sea in his pursuit, he will cross the first Maxi’s of the Sydney Hobart fleet for quite an experience! In any case, the whole GGR fleet is sailing in fresh wind today!

In the Tasman Sea, the wind will strengthen all day, up to 35 knots and 50 in gusts. Simon and Kirsten received a weather warning from the GGR, indicating the sharp rotation from north to west after the front goes through. Simon got wind first, gaining a bit on Kirsten, now 170 miles behind, but today will be interesting.

The other Briton, Ian, has clocked the most mileage in the fleet at 145 miles this morning, and below 43° south is getting closer than ever to the exclusion zone. Ian is gaining confidence in pushing the Tradewind. It shows and he could further improve on his 7 day record, but beware of the penalty in the no-go zone!

For the others, it’s business as usual: 130 miles for Michael, 100 for Jeremy who is a little slower than normal, and Elliott who certainly enjoys a bit of pace at 115 miles under reduced sail. The other Tradewind in the fleet, Guy’s boat, is picking up pace and clocked up 131 miles while crossing the 38th parallel.


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