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Day 112

Crazy Tazzie

The leaders’ passage through Tasmania is in light winds, unstable in strength and direction. Simon helms 5 hours a day to create apparent wind, Kirsten spent Christmas getting out of Storm Bay and Abhilash is still trying to get in. The trio are within 200 nm, and all are in the same calm. Hard to predict Abhilash’s ETA tomorrow.

The long-awaited wind will turn north today, strengthening all day Tuesday, up to 35 knots on Wednesday, allowing them a direct route in confused seas to the next mark, Snares Islands 850 miles southeast of Hobart, which will mark their exit from the Tasman Sea.

Behind, Gugg, Jeremy and Ian all have downwind conditions in strong winds that will last all week. It’s the mid-fleet turn to gain mileage on the leading trio: Michael has the best distance of the fleet at 147 miles gaining up to 100 miles a day! Elliott is finally out of his bubble, heading east at 4 knots, but needs to hurry before a second lull comes from his west for New Year’s Eve.

Guy is at 37°S between two low-pressure systems, too slow for his liking, but will have fresh wind tonight for the week, finally propelling him into the forties. He needs 155 miles a day to make the gate in time.


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