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Day 108

On the move!

The first move today is Guy, who’s back at sea with Sagarmatha this morning and impatient to sail south, once the fog has cleared. The second move is the north that Ian and Elliott are putting in their route along the 41 parallel as the low passes to their south. NW wind for Ian, and SW for Elliott, before several days of calm.

Then is the first Christmas low-pressure today east of the exclusion zone, of which Michael avoided the worst by heading towards 43°S waiting for the second low tomorrow and on Xmas eve. Jeremy finally made it to the end of the zone, but will also wait for the second Christmas low to pass through before -finally – heading south on the 24th. A Christmas gift that the South African sailor will certainly appreciate!

It’s moving at the front of the fleet too, where Simon, who spent a good chunk of the night idle, has some speed again. The Briton is 160 miles from the gate, Kirsten 160 miles behind him and one knot faster, Abhilash 410 miles from Simon and two knots faster. The leader is expected tomorrow evening with fresh winds driven by the Xmas low!


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