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Day 107

Slow down?

As Simon and Kirsten approach Hobart, respectively 200 and 400 miles away, they are dealing with capricious weather, mainly light winds with variable direction until the low pressure shows up for Christmas eve. Meanwhile, Abhilash will continue to slowly close the gap, getting fresh wind before them, positioned to their west, all this making for a close finish in Hobart!

Behind them, Capt. Gugg has made up some ground, but will be caught today by a windless patch before a series of low pressure systems in the second half of the week. Jeremy is only 130 miles from the end of the exclusion zone but will remain north of 44° parallel, time for a very deep low expected on Thursday, of which both sailors have been informed of.

It’s getting fresh at the back of the fleet for Ian and Elliott who will have 30+ knots of north-westerly today, switching to SW tomorrow, before being becalmed the next day, in a residual crossed and confused sea. Merry Christmas guys! D-Day-1 for Guy’s departure, and a not so simple exit from Cape Town.


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