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Day 106

No truce for Christmas

At the forefront, Simon, with no weather charts but with weather bulletins, is once again on the move, and has perfectly calculated his tack with the little weather information available. He is only 300 miles from the gate where Don and Jane are expecting him to lead the fleet on 23 December.

Behind him, there is no Christmas truce, and everyone is hard at it! Kirsten, who has weather charts, continues to climb and is putting in the mileage, now only 260 miles behind the stable Briton today. Both of them will have backing winds and a better angle today, but a few windless bubbles to cross.

The hold-up in fact could well come from Abhilash: he will get wind for longer and is clocking insane daily averages. This morning, he broke the absolute distance record over 7 days: 1165.36 miles against Kirsten’s 1165.16… Rustler 36 not dead ! 670 miles behind, Cpt Gugg, true to form, clocks his 143 miles, joining the trio in Hobart before the new year.

Jeremy is taking it easy along the zone, Ian and Elliott at 41° south, are gearing up for a tough week, with a low-pressure system passing through tomorrow and a sudden wind shift from north to south on Tuesday night. Guy will stay dry until Thursday.


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