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Day 101

There’s no small victory

In the Atlantic Guy is finally landing in Cape Town today! He will get rid of the dreaded barnacles before deciding whether to continue in Chichester Class for the sprint to Hobart. Further north Arnaud is heading for Ascencion Island, and Pat Lawless is crossing the Equator for the second time but in a Rustler!

In the Southern Indian Ocean at 41° South, Elliott clocked 152 miles this morning, and Ian further improved his 7-day personal best as expected, at 983.7. We’re getting there! Further east, Jeremy and Michael are hanging on at 43° South for another daily grind and bumpy ride in confused seas and heavy winds.

Ahead, the trio is fairly conservative aiming to stay around 45-46° South. As expected, Simon got caught by the high pressure, while his pursuers are trucking very fast  downwind around 170 for Kirsten and Abhilash! Both gained more than thirty miles on the Master of understatements since yesterday.

Nope, there’s no small victory today.


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