Name Robin Davie

Born November 2nd 1951

Nationality British

Country of entry United Kingdom

Robin Davie has the sea in his blood. After competing in the 1988 OSTAR, he raced against Don McIntyre in Class II of the 1990 BOC Challenge Around Alone Race and then completed two further solo circumnavigation in the 1994 and 1998 BOC Challenges. On one occasion he was dismasted thousands of miles from Cape horn but managed to complete the leg jury rig. His first circumnavigation was in a yacht named Spirit of Cornwall and he hopes to represent this County again during this Race. Since his last circumnavigation, Robin has remained in the USA  driving  taxis for a living, but is now set to retire and return to Britain to buy a yacht early 2017 and to start his training with a sail across the Atlantic and back. Robin remains passionate about the Golden Glob Race. The first event back in 1968/9 inspired him to take up solo sailing, and to compete in the 50th Anniversary edition seems like a fitting retirement plan.