Nabil Amra (42)



Name Nabil Amra

Born September 3rd 1975

Nationality Palestinian

Country of entry Palestine

Nabil Amra is an American based Palestinian who works as a foreign exchange trader in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has  purchased a ketch rigged version of the Biscay 36 class yacht built by the Falmouth Boat Company named Ele May and has returned her to the builder to have her prepared her for the GGR. Last year, he sailed a catamaran with a friend across the Caribbean and through the Panama Canal. “The effect on me was so profound that I began to look for a blue-water boat of my own and bought a Contessa 32 class yacht based in St. Maarten. My saltwater journey is just beginning! Now I’m preparing to start a new chapter in my life that has more to do with adventure. The Golden Globe Race came along at just the right time to turn an incessant daydream into reality. My eagerness to sail under the Palestinian flag and to represent these forlorn people who have had little to be cheery about for a long time..”



Nabil Amra's Ele May was the last of the Biscay 36 class yachts to be built by the Falmouth Boat Company in 1990. Ironically, French entrant Antione Cousot has bought the first, Viscaya, built in 1975 and the two competitors have joined forces to prepare their Alan Hill designed yachts and sail them across the Atlantic and back during the Summer of 2017. The two yachts, are currently back at the Falmouth Boat Company in Flushing undergoing extensive refist in readiness for the marathon ahead.

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