Michael Guggenberger (40)




Name Michael Guggenberger

Born July 8th 1977

Nationality Austrian

Country of entry Austria

Enthusiastic, exuberant and passionate about sailing, Michael considers himself as a skilful, open minded and reliable person with good ideas and big dreams. Only a few years ago Michael started sailing in dinghies on Austrian lakes, he holds now some sailing licenses, a Offshore Skipper Trainer Certificate and recently bought his own yacht which he is preparing to a safe oceangoing vessel.
Michael has always been excited about learning new skills and managed to get competent in many different activities. From carpentry to massages, from paramedics to set & scenery construction… and lately, sailing became his passion.
Through the various professions, which he gained through his life, he feels perfectly prepared to focus all his attention towards the Golden Globe Race 2018.



Michael owns a Belliure Endurance 35. The Peter Ibold design Endurance 35 was build by the Spanish shipyard Belliure over a 150 times.
Michael bought hull number 109, which is one of the very few cutter rigged Endurance build by Belliure in 1983.

Michael will test sail his Boat MIZZI over the next few month while sailing on the northern Atlantic. He has developed a refit plan to be well prepared on the start line of the Golden Globe Race. Michael plans to carry out this refit in 2017.