Mark John Sinclair (59)




Name Mark John Sinclair

Born August 20th 1958

Nationality Australian

Country of entry Australia

Mark Sinclair is passionate about sailing. In 1984, he completed two solo crossings of the Tasman and nowadays is often found sailing his S&S 41 Starwave single-handed around remote areas of Australia’s coastline. Mark was 10 years old when Sir Robin Knox-Johnston became the first to complete a non-stop solo circumnavigation. When he found out about the 2018 GGR, Mark applied immediately, purchased the Lello 34 class yacht Coconut and deferred plans to compete in the 2018 single-handed Trans Tasman race.
Mark’s professional background includes the hydrographic surveying of remote areas in ships, small boats and aircraft. He served in the Royal Australian Navy, commanding three ships and navigating four. He retired as a Commander in 1996. Mark is currently Managing Director of the Fugro LADS Corporation, which conducts hydrographic surveys world-wide.



Coconut is a strong, seaworthy Lello 34 class yacht n with a narrow beam and a traditional long keel. She was built in Durban, South Africa in 1981.
Long before Mark Sinclair aquired her, Coconut had already circumnavigated the globe once combining a cruise in the Mediterranean and through the Pacific Islandsbeofre returning to South Africa. When Mark saw a Youtube video of her sailing in the Roaring 40s from Africa to Adelaide he was so impressed that he purchased her for his entry in the 2018 GGR.
Although of sound design, a significant refit is required to prepare Coconut for the race. This includes building internal hanging knees, fitting a watertight door, new hatches and windows, rigging, sails, electrics and safety equipment. The original Farymann 22 HP diesel will be retained. Once this work is completed she will be shipped from South Australia to the UK in readiness for the start of the GGR from Falmouth.

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