Abhilash Tomy (38)



Name Abhilash Tomy

Born February 5th 1979

Nationality Indian

Country of entry India

Commander Abhilash Tomy, KC from Mumbai, is one of India’s most prominent sailors and has been given one of five Special Invitations to join the GGR. A serving officer in the Indian Navy, he has had the advantage, just as French sailing legend Eric Tabarly did, of spending much of his career sailing for his Country.

Abhilash has covered 52,000 miles under sail while in the Navy including a solo non-stop circumnavigation from Mumbai and back in 2012/13. He has also represented India in the 2011 Cape Town to Rio Race, the Spanish Copa del Rey Race in 2014 and the Korea Cup for two years in succession.

He says of the challenge ahead: “This event recreates in the closest way possible, the magic of the original race. The emphasis is not on technology and its management, but on seamanship and a direct experience of sea. This spartan philosophy is in keeping with my own view that a lot can be achieved with very little.”



To celebrate India’s heritage in building famous singlehanded yachts in the past (Suhaili and Lively Lady spring to mind) Abhilash will be racing a replica of Sir Robin Knox-Johnston’s original winner. Work began at the Aquarius shipyard on Goa in 2016, not with the rudimentary adze, bow drill and hand saw that shaped Suhaili in a Bombay shipyard five decades before, but with the latest CAD design and CNC cutting machinery to produce a much lighter wood epoxy composite replica. The boat is now at the paint stage and a launch date is planned for the end of July.

Cdr. Tomy intends to complete his proving trial by sailing her the 4,500 miles from India to Cape Town, from where the yacht will be shipped to Plymouth for the start of the GGR in June 2018.